ASS Stipendien

Seit mehreren Jahren vergibt der ASS Stipendien für das EASM Student Seminar im Rahmen der EASM Konferenz.

Die EASM Konferenz ist der größte europäische wissenschaftliche Kongress im Bereich Sportmanagement. Veranstalter ist die European Association for Sport Management.

Was ist das EASM Student Seminar?

The Student Seminar is primarily aimed to enhance managerial skills in practice while cooperating in the international environment. The educational programme consists of a management game (team projects), lectures and workshops related to the topic of the projects. It also includes field trips and study visits as well as social events. Furthermore, given the number of leading experts and established researchers, the European Sport Management Conference is a great opportunity for networking and building professional relationships.

The topic of the Student Seminar is based on the conference theme: “Forward Thinking in Sport Management: Strengthening Inclusivity, Accessibility and Sustainability in Sport.”. More specifically the Student Seminar will focus on questions regarding the nexus between inclusivity, accessibility and sustainability, the development of new trends in these fields and how today’s challenges and opportunities can affect sport management. Therefore, it is key that the students are enrolled in studies with a sport/leisure studies and/or sport management focus.

Cases for the management game will be linked to the famous city of Belfast and the activities will relate to managing sport in accessible, inclusive and sustainable ways. (EASM 2023)

Zeitraum 2023

Das kommende EASM Student Seminar findet vom 09.-12. September 2023 in Belfast statt. Die EASM Konferenz schließt sich vom 12.-15. September 2023 an.


Der ASS unterstützt ASS Mitglieder mit 250 €.


Das Verfahren für 2024 wird im Mai 2024 bekanntgegeben.

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