ASS Scholarships

For several years the ASS has been awarding scholarships for the EASM Student Seminar as part of the EASM Conference.

The EASM Conference is the largest European scientific conferences in the field of sport management. It is organized by the European Association for Sport Management.

What is the EASM Student Seminar?

”The Educational Program consists of a management game (team projects), lectures, and workshops related to the topic of the projects, in which companies will bring a closer look into real cases and the different challenges they face and experienced on the sport industry in Spain. Participants will be assigned to present efficient and innovative solutions, being this experience a great introducing scenario of the professional world and giving them the chance of expand their academic knowledge and soft skills.

During the Program, students will have a fantastic opportunity to cooperate and develop key sport manager attributes, such as leadership or teamwork, on an international environment. It also includes field trips and a study visit as well as social events. Furthermore, given the number of leading experts and established researchers, the European Sport Management Conference is a great opportunity for networking and building professional contacts.“ (EASM 2019)

Time period

The upcoming EASM Student Seminar will take place from 12th September to 16th September, 2020 in London. The EASM Conference will follow from 16th to 19th September 2020.


The ASS supports ASS members with 250 EUR and non-members with 200 EUR.


Interested students can apply for the scholarship until April 30th, 2020! The application documents (letter of motivation, curriculum vitae and current transcript of records) must be sent in English as a complete PDF file via e-mail to Dr. Verena Römisch ( The selection will be made by the end of May.