ASS Sportbusiness-Talk

In its “ASS Sportbusiness-Talk” event series, the ASS invites guests from the sport industry to a joint panel discussion on a specific topic.

17. ASS Sportbusiness-Talk on 29. November 2023:
Friedens-Spiele in Zeiten des Krieges – Die Olympischen Spiele in der sportpolitischen Falle? – with Friedhelm Julius Beucher (Deutscher Behindertensportverband), Sven Güldenpfennig (Forum Sportpolitik), Léa Krüger (Athleten Deutschland),  Sylvia Schenk (Transparency International) und Viola von Cramon-Taubadel (MdEP)

16. ASS Sportbusiness-Talk on 06. Juni 2023:
Nachhaltige Sportevents – Green-, White- und/oder Sport-Washing?! – with Prof. Dr. Ralf Roth (Deutsche Sporthochschule Köln), Antje Blumhagen (Nachhaltigkeitsbeauftragte Vorwärts Spoho) und Tim Thormann (Nachhaltigkeitsmanager UEFA Euro 2024 GmbH)

15. ASS Sportbusiness-Talk on 09 November 2022:
Sustainable production and consumption of sports goods – more reality than appearance? – with Dr. Felix Mutter (Senior Manager, Deloitte, Sport Business Gruppe), Markus Konrad (Co-founder & Director Product Development, Ryzon GmbH) and Matthias Thiele (Director Marketing & Business Development, Spized GmbH)

14. ASS Sportbusiness-Talk on 07 Juni 2021:
Athletenrechte – Quo Vadis!? – with Anne Loerper (246 caps for national handball team) and Oskar Deecke (Olympic champion in hockey London 2012)

13th ASS Sportbusiness-Talk on 03 November 2020:
Sport business and the job market: Status quo and perspectives – with Will Lloyd (Chief Executive Officer, Global Sports)

12th ASS Sportbusiness-Talk on 02 September 2020:
Effects of COVID-19 on the job market in sports management – Current status and perspectives – with Marcel Cordes (Managing partner SPORTHEADS)

11th ASS Sportbusiness-Talk on 06 May 2019:
Foundation and innovation in sport business from GSU student to market leader with Kai Lucius (Founder and Managing Director ad.letics) and Hartmut Zastrow (Founder and Managing Director SPORT+MARKT)

10th ASS Sportbusiness-Talk on 22 January 2019:
Major sporting events in Germany wish and reality with Michael Mronz (Sport and Event Manager and Founder of the “Rhein Ruhr City 2032” initiative), Mark Schober (Chairman of the German Handball Federation) and Jochen Leufgens (Editor of WDR “sportinside”)

9th ASS Sportbusiness-Talk on 17 May 2018:
eSports in Germany 2020 Cockaigne or stone desert? with Jan Pommer (Director Team & Federations, Electronic Sports League (ESL)) and Michael Heina (Head of eSports Europe, Nielsen Sports)

8th ASS Sportbusiness-Talk on 22 November 2017:
The digital transformation in football with Alexander Günther (Managing Director SPORTCAST GmbH)

7th ASS Sportbusiness-Talk on 17 January 2017:
How will German elite sport continue with Dirk Schimmelpfennig (DOSB), Oskar Deecke (Hockey player, Gold London 2012, Bronze Rio 2016) and Anne Wingchen (Managing Director, TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen)

6th ASS Sportbusiness-Talk on 13 January 2016:
How does marketing work in the German Bundesliga? with Thomas Joos (Associate Director of the Cologne office of Infront Germany)

5th ASS Sportbusiness-Talk on 27 January 2015:
It’s time for the Olympics to come back to Germany! with Dr. Michael Vesper (CEO DOSB)

4th ASS Sportbusiness-Talk on 05 December 2013:
High-performance /elite sport between profit striving and loss of integrity with Jürgen Beckmann (Sport Coordinator of Bayer AG), Markus Dieckmann (Managing Director of and Operator of the event location Playa in Cologne), Kajo Fritz (Editor at SternTV) and Jan Pommer (Managing Director of Basketball Bundesliga GmbH)

3rd ASS Sportbusiness-Talk on 23 April 2013:
Interactions between PR and journalism with Anno Hecker (Head of Sport, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung GmbH), Christian Klaue (Press Officer, German Olympic Sport Federation) and Michael Siedenhans (Chief editor/Medienfabrik Bertelsmann)

2nd ASS Sportbusiness-Talk on 09 January 2013:
Challenges in the marketing of elite sport with Daniela Thinius (Sales Manager North of Puma SE), Mirko Bernau (Sales Manager Germany of Uhlsport GmbH), Marcus Pieker (Head of Events and Sponsoring of Jack Wolfskin GmbH & Co. KG) and Kai Viebahn (Head of Marketing/Sales of yoursportswear GmbH)

1st ASS Sportbusiness-Talk on 22 May 2012:
Challenges in the marketing of elitesports with Matthias Pietza (Managing Director IMG GmbH), Patric Lunau-Mierke (Managing Director TWENTY-ELEVEN SPORTMANAGEMENT), Jens Warncke (Project Manager IP Solutions) and Jeannine Weisel (Senior Consultant akzio! gmbh)