About us

On the initiative of the Institute of Sport Economics and Sport Management under the direction of Prof. Dr. Heinz-Dieter Horch, a group of 14 students, graduates, and institute employees founded the alumni association ASS – Alumni Sport Economics & Sport Management at the German Sport University Cologne e.V.. In 2016, the alumni association changed its name to ASS – Alumni Sport Media/Sport Management at the German Sport University Cologne e.V.. Due to the proximity to the professional field and the contents of the study courses, the members were in favor of opening up the alumni association to the field of sport media. In order to make this more visible to the outside world and to enable a higher level of identification, the name was ultimately changed.

Today Dr. Stefan Walzel, in his function as Chairman of the Board, is actively committed to the visions and goals of the alumni association. He is supported primarily by the honorary board members and the managing director.

The ASS sees itself as an association of students and graduates from the fields of sport economics, sport management, sport media, and sport communication of the GSU Cologne, whereby of course it is also open to friends and sponsors. In the meantime, the alumni club has grown to over 550 members a strong basis that must be carefully cultivated but also continuously expanded. Therefore, it is desirable that all members and interested parties put out their feelers to other potential members and thus actively participate in the expansion of the network.