ASS Mentoring Program DOUBLE-(P)ASS

The graduate association ASS Alumni Sport Media/Sport Management of the German Sport University Cologne offers once a year the mentoring program “DOUBLE-(P)ASS”. The aim of the program is to prepare students of the Bachelor’s degree program in Sport Management and Sport Communication for their career entry in the various occupational fields of the program. DOUBLE (P)ASS refers to a 1:1 ratio of mentor (graduate with professional experience) and mentee (student) who pass the ball to each other with the aim of facilitating the mentee’s career entry. In this way the mentees can benefit from the experience and the network of the mentor on their personal path into their profession.


Interested students of the B.A. Sport Management and Sport Communication (SMK) at the German Sport University Cologne can apply for the DOUBLE (P)ASS program. A suitable mentor will be selected on the basis of the application and according to individual wishes and needs. The mentors are specialists and managers with several years of professional experience and have a special interest in passing on their experience and actively accompanying students on their way into their careers and maintaining a close exchange with them.

Duration: about 6-8 months

Benefits for students (mentees)

  • Students receive intensive insights into selected fields of activity and can discover new occupational fields for themselves with the help of “insiders”.
  • They gain insights into the mentors’ experiences and can work with them to develop career and curriculum perspectives.
  • Students can benefit from the contacts and networks of the mentors and expand their own personal network.
Mentor’s opinions

“I had feared a little before the first meeting that my mentee is still half-baked, or still has no idea at all. But my mentee was really fit from the beginning, had structure and concrete questions. She always had ideas and was never really in a “consumer attitude”. I found that very positive.” (Felix Kaiser, 2019)

“I found it positive that we were able to talk very openly about all kinds of topics. I really felt that my experiences could be a help.” (Moritz Breuer, 2019)

“A mentoring engagement is very helpful for “junior staff.” Without vitamin B, unfortunately, not much is possible in the industry. The people who have already “arrived” can help to find a job or at least establish the right contact and yet it is still difficult. But the chance to enter the field with contact is simply much higher.” (Lina von Heintschel, 2019)

Mentees’ opinions

“I would recommend the program at any time because it offers the opportunity to make a contact that can give an exclusive insight into the field of work or the industry you can imagine working in. In addition to the information about the work area, you also get the opportunity to benefit from the mentor’s wealth of experience. When it comes to important decisions about your future, you can get advice from your mentor.” (Kristin Veegers, 2019)

“First of all, the opportunity to participate in this program is an enrichment for me. The contact to a person who has a similar academic past has helped me a lot in the last months”. (Frederik Becker, 2019)

“The mentoring program helped me a lot, especially in terms of my future career. We discussed and evaluated the various options in bilateral talks. Our relationship was very flexible and I also received support for spontaneous enquiries.” (Maria Schmidt, 2017)

“I will remain in contact with my mentor. We both agree on that! It was especially important to me that I could ask my mentor for advice when making career decisions and we will stay in contact, but without mentor meetings in this sense. (Wiebke Dierkes, 2017)

Previous mentors

Tim Birnbrich – GIZ
Oskar Deecke – Fortuna Düsseldorf
Julius Herlt – Ottobock
Robby Hunke – ARD Sportschau
Felix Kaiser – Deutsche Welle
Christian Koke – Fortuna Düsseldorf
Denis Möllers – Ryzon
Mario Oelke – Derbystar
Julius Ohnesorge – VfL Osnabrück
Tim Oidtmann – Frapport
Kaj Owen – Infront
Bastian Pätzold – SPORTFIVE

Hauke Böckmann – 1. FC Köln
Philip Burghaus – Deichmann
Heidi Dahlhaus – Adidas
Sebastian Dietze – MMP Event GmbH
Rainer Fischer – REWE Group
Marco Krückemeier – go3
Tim Steffens – SPORTFIVE
Dennis Schröder – 11Teamsports

Matthias Doherr – Lagardère Sports Germany
Andreas Fischer – FC Schalke 04 e.V.
Alexander Reimann – Infront Germany (1 FC. Köln)
Eva Werthmann – Deutsche Triathlon Union

Moritz Breuer – Volkswagen
Marcel Couturier – Asics
Lina Heintschel von Heinegg – TUSEM Sport und Marketing
Frederik Höderath – Mammut
Felix Kaiser – easyCredit Basketball Bundesliga
Christine Kowalski – Kinderhilfswerk Plan International
Mareen Lißner – Peak Performance
Stefan Marx – Runnerspoint
Tim Noller – DFB
Robert Wiegand – REWE

Brendan Birch – Deutscher Fußball-Bund e.V.
Diego Checa – Lagardère Sports
Christian Kaes Fürth – BMW
Frederik Latz – 1. FC Köln
Dr. Karen Petry – DSHS Köln
Marcus Pieker – Jack Wolfskin

Ellen Bertke – Fußball-Verband Mittelrhein e.V.
Lars Birnbaum – UVEX
Carlsson Howe – Nike
Christiane Krauter – DSM
Eva Werthmann – IPC

Christoph Adelmann – Outdoor Bootcamp
Diego Checa – Lagardère Sports
Marcel Couturier – Adidas
Dr. Gerhard Nowak – Sportline
Tim Oidtmann – Fraport
Christoph Schulze Düllo – B2RUN
Timo Wilke – 4attention

Kajo Fritz – Stern TV
Catrin Müller – DFB

Steffen Ehmer – 4attention
Simon Fink – DO IT!
Jeannine Hagedorn – Rheinsport
Alex Kraemer – Heim-Spiele
Jan Kremer – Deloitte
Nikolaus Rickers – Point of Sailing
Dennis Schröder – Puma
Cornelius Wien – actori