The prize is awarded annually for a bachelor thesis that combines theory and practice in the field of sports management or sports communication. In the thesis, theoretical findings should have been transferred into practice and/or tested in practice.

The award is associated with a cash prize of 250 euros. The announcement is intended exclusively for students or graduates of the Bachelor’s programmes in Sports Management and Sports Communication as well as Sports Journalism at the German Sport University Cologne. Applicants do not have to be a member of the ASS.

The submitted works will be reviewed by a three-member jury and evaluated according to the criterion “transfer performance”.

Prize winner “ASS Thesis 2018”: Gregor Preis – Title of the Bachelorthesis “Corporate Volunteering as a possible solution for the problem of trainers in organized sport”.

Prize winner “ASS Thesis 2017”: Friederike Büngeler – Title of the Bachelor’s thesis “Mass Customization in the sporting goods industry – an empirical study of the adoption determinants of customized running shoes produced with the aid of a new production technology (3D printing)”.

Prize winner “ASS Thesis 2016”: Ruwen Schleuning – Title of the Bachelor’s thesis “Crowdfunding as a financing alternative in the German Soccer League – An analysis of the success factors using the example of VfL Osnabrück”.

Prize winner “ASS Thesis 2015”: Kathrin Schmid – Title of the Bachelor’s thesis “Continuing Education Management in Sports-Related Development Cooperation – Analysis of a GIZ Trainer Training Programme in Brazil”.

Prize winner “ASS Thesis 2014”: Inken Erk – Title of the Bachelorthesis “Attitude and attitudinal influence through persuasive messages – the effect of the adidas advertising campaign “I am on my way” on the recipient”.