ASS Workshops

The ASS regularly offers workshops on various topics. Current topics are:

Negotiate starting salary – stay calm under pressure and earn more!

Workshop for students and career starters

By entering your career at the latest, you should have a clear salary expectation. Practice advertising on your own behalf, prepare optimally for the salary interview, and carry it out self-confidently. The first impression is of crucial importance and should set the first exclamation mark. In addition, learn about your own strengths and weaknesses in general and during negotiations in particular. The aim is to show you how to present yourself authentically and convincingly, which salary components exist, and what is actually negotiatable.

Frequency: summer and winter term
Number of participants: max. 15 persons

Potential analysis Golden Profiler of Personality (GPOP)

For a constructive examination of one’s own competence profile and the further development of this competence profile, it is advantageous to be aware of one’s own talents, preferences, and behavior patterns. This is also important for the personal and professional orientation. The workshop starts with a self-assessment, which is supplemented by an external image. The external image is created through observation in group-dynamic exercises. In addition, the participants are enabled to self-develop and to engage with different characters through various exercises.

Frequency: winter term
Number of participants: max. 20 persons