The vision of the graduate association ASS – Alumni Sport Media/Sport Management at the German Sport University Cologne e.V. is the long term development and maintenance of a network between students, graduates, and lecturers of the German Sport University Cologne, who are working in the fields of sport economics, sport management, sport media, and sport communication within the scope of their studies and professional activities.

ASS – A network for life.

The aim is to build bridges between theory and practice: Bridges between the themes covered by research and teaching on the one hand and the practitioner’s world with its operations and issues on the other hand. This is meant to happen in all areas of sport management and sport communication.

The ASS wants to be more than just an association of alumni. The network should rather serve as a platform for a regular and above all cross-generational exchange of information and intensive contact between students, graduates, and teaching staff of the sport university.

Specifically, the ASS pursues the following objectives, a.o.:

  • Assistance for students and young graduates in the transition from university to working life
  • Regular opportunities for members, friends, and sponsors of the ASS to meet each other
  • Expansion of the cooperation between the major in sport management, sport media, and sport communication at the German Sport University Cologne and institutions of the sport industry
  • Regular supply of members with current information from the sport industry